Competition in the Energy Industry Means Lower Costs for Your Business

84544451When your company’s critical tasks rely on the availability of power 24/7/365 with no exceptions, you don’t want to take any chances with your supply of electricity or let rising power costs reduce your profits.

Like many local businesses, you’ve probably taken steps to “go green” and reduce power consumption. Examples include using more energy-efficient equipment such as fluorescent or LED lights and installing smart thermostats to better control the air conditioning.

That’s a great first step, but to really get an edge over your competition and further control costs, it’s best to partner with Utility Consulting Service, Inc. to get the most advantageous deal on your energy usage.

Why Use Alternative Supply

Prudent owners and managers of businesses both large and small are aware of the razor thin margins they must take into account when evaluating sources for materials and energy, especially during product and service development.

One area where it is extremely important to keep your eye on costs is in your energy spending throughout the year. This is why so many companies turn to Utility Consulting Service, Inc., because of the cost savings we provide.

Why it’s in your best interest to use Alternative Supply:

  • Many states have deregulated energy generation in order to provide competition for energy companies
  • This gives businesses options in buying alternative supply
  • UCS will learn about your business and help you determine the best plans for energy management under various conditions
  • Our experts advise you about the best energy supplier that most suits your company
  • Then we will monitor it for you
  • We advise on how to manage and increase your energy efficiency
  • We negotiate on your behalf
  • This generally results in significant cost savings
  • We work with energy suppliers to bring you better service
  • Local utility companies are still responsible for delivering your energy
  • Local utility companies will take care of all maintenance and repairs and serve as your main contact during emergencies and power outages

Once the cost savings and other benefits are met with alternative supply, the process for switching over is quite simple.

Here is how transitioning to alternative supply is easy:

  • Simply provide us with a copy of a current energy bill.
  • UCS will advise which three alternative providers will offer the best pricing and most reliable service and then we submit your information to them.
  • After analyzing the results, we will present them to you with our recommendation.
  • Next, we will provide the formal agreement to you for your signature.
  • We will continue to monitor your account and provide any help needed.

For more information on how you can reduce your power bills and obtain improved service by working with our team, please contact Utility Consulting Service, Inc. today.