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Utility Consulting Service, Inc.

Save 9-11% On Your Company’s Utility Bills through Utility Auditing and Alternative Energy Suppliers

Utility bills can significantly affect your company’s profitability. Whether your company is a single location or if you have multiple locations, Utility Consulting Service, Inc. works with your business to find all possible cost savings on your utility bills through both comprehensive utility audits and alternative energy suppliers.

Most utility companies price their services to help themselves, not you their customer. Utility Consulting Service works with utility companies on your behalf to get the very best rates and terms for you on an ongoing basis. With 24 years of a successful track record, Utility Consulting Service works with companies around the country to reduce your utility bills. We offer a free consultation to get started, contact us today for more information.

No Upfront Fees

UCS is paid after a savings is realized by your business. We provide you with alternative energy suppliers that offer your business competitive pricing on utilities. With our utility auditing services, typical annual savings range from 9-11% for both utilities and telecom.

Energy Deregulation

Many states have deregulated the generation of electricity to increase competition among energy suppliers. This gives businesses the opportunity to choose their provider. Local utilities companies still deliver power over their lines from the alternative supplier for their normal delivery rate.

Client Testimonials

“In this age of Alternative Providers, Utility Consulting Services, Inc. has worked with us in analyzing the providers that are available. After providing a copy of our utility bill, UCS researched the best rate and helped us to make an informed decision... ”

Utility Auditing

Expert audit and assessment for bottom line results.

Alternative Supply Procurement

Learn how to buy and use energy efficiently