What documents are required for utility or telecommunications analysis?

  • Approved Agreement
  • Authorization Letter
  • Electric- 2 years per location
  • Natural Gas- 2 years per location
  • Local telephone- 3 months per location
  • Long Distance- 3 months per location

For more information or questions, please contact us directly at 708-308-7040.

Alternative Supply

Will my electric or natural gas service remain reliable?

Yes, electricity and natural gas will still be delivered by your local utility company which is still regulated by the Public Utility Commission.

What happens if I experience an emergency or power outage?

You will call your local utility company in the event of an emergency or outage at the number provided on your bill since they will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the poles and wires.

Why use Utility Consulting Service to choose an alternative energy supplier?

We save you time and money since staying informed on a daily basis with alternative energy suppliers is a very time-consuming process. Utility Consulting Service learns about your business and helps you to determine your specific energy needs. We then negotiate with many alternative energy suppliers to get the best rates with reliable, high-quality service that you can depend on.

What changes will I see if I switch my energy provider?

Your bill will look different from the bills that you received from your local utility company, but your alternative energy suppliers will provide the same standard information.

What happens if my alternative energy suppliers goes out of business?

Your alternative energy supplier must give you advance notice so you have plenty of time to find a new provider. You would not be without energy even if you do not find a new energy provider. Your service will revert back to the local utility.

Utility Auditing

What is the cost for this service?

There are no upfront fees. UCS is paid after a savings is realized by your business.

How much time do I have to spend on this?

After the initial paperwork is signed, all you need to do is provide copies of two years of gas, electric, water & sewer, and three months of telecommunication bills for your facility. The rest of the work is done by our staff.

What is the procedure for becoming a client of Utility Consulting Service, Inc.?

If you decide to become a client, there are a few easy
steps to complete.

  • A Letter of Authorization is signed which allows us to access information on your utility accounts.
  • A signed contract which allows us to begin the analysis for reducing your utility costs.
  • A signed confidentiality statement which states that no information can be given out without your permission.

What can you expect from us?

  • A comprehensive plan is provided to you which outlines the program tailored to your business.
  • All recommendations will be implemented only after your approval. All negotiations with the utility companies are handled for you.
  • UCS will monitor utility accounts for future billing errors and rate classifications for the duration of the contract.

Is this too good to be true?

No, we are able to achieve savings from 9 to 11% for your utilities and telecom. Remember there is NO cost to you unless we achieve a savings. Based on our experience, we are confident that our services will save you money.