3 Major Ways for You to Save Over 9% on Your Utility Bills

14498553Utility Consulting Service takes energy savings seriously. Through alternative energy supply procurement and energy auditing, we help our customers realize 9-11% savings on utility costs. Here is how we can help you save.

Auditing Utilities

If your company is like most, you pay for a utility service plan that suits your energy provider. Yet most of the time, these service plans are convenient for your service providers - not for you, the customer.

Your utility company is under no obligation to inform you of other rates that can help you save money. That's where we come in.

Our service technicians keep abreast of the latest rules and regulations regarding utilities. We can recommend rate rebates and incentive programs that slash your utility costs over what you pay now. We can also review historical data to check for incorrect rates or service errors. If we find anything wrong, we will negotiate with the utility provider on your behalf, getting you a refund or a credit. We can also switch you to a program that makes the most sense for your business.

Why pay more for energy than you need to? Schedule a utility audit now and pay nothing until we have achieved savings. Contact us

Alternative Supply Procurement

We work with many reliable alternative energy suppliers. Let us switch you from your current providers to help you receive significant cost savings on your utility bills.

Our energy services are tailored to your needs. Every relationship begins with a comprehensive audit that allows us to delve deep into your utility consumption, usage patterns, and waste. We take the initiative to learn about your business, see where you spend energy, and base our suggestions around your specific needs so that every tip we offer helps you realize energy savings. We can teach you how to manage energy efficiently to keep costs low going forward, and review your energy consumption to find a plan that suits your needs and scales as your operation does.

Let us negotiate with our energy suppliers to get you the lowest rates while maintaining high-quality, reliable utility service.

Telecom Savings

To best serve you, we offer telecom services that review your bills, services, and rate options. We can find computational and service line errors on bills, aggressively pursue your refund, and find programs that give you the most cost-effective rates for telephone and communications.

Take the stress out of business telecom by letting us review your costs and services for voice, data, and video.

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