Why Utility Consulting Service?

64604607Ethical Practices that Save You Money without Cutting Corners

We know you have many options when it comes to utility analysis; here is why customers keep choosing Utility Consulting Service, Inc. for utility auditing and supply.

We Charge You $0 Until You Save Money
As a measure of good faith, we charge you nothing until you realize the savings. Our compensation is tied exclusively to your company’s success in reducing its costs. We can arrange for you to receive a refund or credit on previous billing cycles, and implement cost reductions in moving forward.

Over 20 Years of Proven Success
We have been auditing utilities for customers since 1992. With over 20 years of experience working one on one with customers, our expertise speaks for itself. We are happy to work with customers on projects of all sizes, and we specialize in large multi-location audits.

Whether you are a commercial landlord looking to reduce costs, or a company with multiple locations, we have succeeded with companies in your position, and would be happy to show you our track record of success.

Average Savings between 9-11% on Gas, Electric & Telecom
We will come in, review your utilities in depth, and uncover major ways to save on gas, electric, and telecom. Through service contract review, location-specific tariff and rebate analysis, and billing history, we can find ways for you to save.

We are able to help our customers achieve average savings of 9 to 11 percent on gas and electric as well as telecom expenses. If we can’t help you all you will owe us is a handshake and a cup of coffee. We have been able to help over 90% of the companies that come to us for help.

We Negotiate with Utility Providers on Your Behalf
Not only do we help you find areas of savings, we will even negotiate with your utility providers on your behalf. You can call to us because you are too busy to call customer service, rest assured. We take care of all the little things so you do not have to. We simple work hard to identify proven ways for you to save.

We use procedures for reducing utility costs that are technically and legally sound, so you never have to worry about a legal problem after working with us. We do not cut corners; we simply work hard to identify proven ways for you to save.

Free Consultation
We know that every business is different, and start our relationship with each customer through a complimentary consultation. Contact us today to see how much you can save by working with Utility Consulting Service, Inc.