What Utility Companies Don’t Tell You

84544451Your utility company has no obligation to provide you with different rate choices that could help you achieve utility cost savings. Let us help you make an informed decision about how to manage energy costs.

What Utility Companies Aren't Telling You About Their Service

Utility companies exist to provide, generate, and distribute energy. Over 20 states have deregulated the energy environment to allow companies to compete on energy prices. Instead of staying with your current provider, you can select an alternative energy provider and see utility cost savings.

You have More Control Than You Know

Not only can you select an energy plan that actually meets your needs, you can choose the suppliers, products, and terms of your utility contracts.

Your energy provider does not want you to know that you have a choice in service providers, because that would cost them money.

We Negotiate Your Contract to Your Benefit

If we can find an alternative energy provider that offers cheaper utility service, we can negotiate your contract and supply agreement to save you money. We charge nothing upfront, and only get paid when we are able to reduce your energy expenses. Find out more or get started by calling Utility Consulting Service, Inc. today at 708-308-7040.